Although most dog bites aren’t fatal, many do require medical attention. In addition to basic first aid and cleaning the wound, one may need antibiotics, a tetanus shot, and/or rabies vaccination after a dog bite. One should seek immediate medical attention for dog bites, especially in younger children and bites that involve your head and neck.

Dog bites can be very gruesome, and include nerve damage, tendon damage, muscle damage, bone injury, and infection. Doctors may use stitches to close a bite wound, but often the wound is left open to heal, so the risk of infection is lowered. An antibiotic may be prescribed to prevent infection. Dog bites often result in scarring and these scars may require plastic surgery to improve their appearance.

angry-dog-2_edited-1Common Injuries include:

Facial Injuries

Facial injuries can include a wide range of injuries, from facial cuts and lacerations to more serious problems, like broken teeth and fractured facial bones. (More information about facial injuries from dog bites)


An infection is when an organism gets into the body and causes harm. (More information about infections from dog bites.)


Pain is classified as acute and chronic. The distinction between acute and chronic pain is usually based on the duration of a particular pain problem. (More information about pain due to dog bites.)

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is a complex health condition that can develop in response to a traumatic experience such as being attacked and bitten by a dog. (More information regarding PTSD from dog bites.)


Skin scars occur when the deep, thick layer of skin (the dermis) is damaged. The worse the damage is the worse the scar will be. (More information about scars resulting from dog bites.)

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