Who is liable if a dog attacks?

aggressive dog biteDog owners have an obligation to take reasonable action to ensure that their dog does not attack and injure people. Dog owners have a duty to ensure that their dogs are contained or leashed, and to take extra effort if the animal is known to be dangerous or is a notoriously dangerous breed. While some breeds have been singled out as being particularly vicious, any dog breed can be dangerous. Dog owners are liable if their dogs cause injury, whether or not the owner had reason to think the dog was dangerous.

Although larger dogs are capable of causing greater injury, small dogs may be the most prone to bite. The news consistently reports that certain breeds of dogs are more prone to bite or attack, but nearly any breed can cause injuries.

If the dog actually bites a person, the dog owner is responsible under Civil Code Section 3342(a) known as the Dog Bite Statute. If the dog causes an injury by knocking a person down, then Negligence Law applies

If you have been attacked by a dog, you should get medical help immediately. Injuries caused by a bite or mauling from a dog can be extensive and traumatic. Many dog bites become infected and can cause painful scars. It can be a financial burden to cover your medical costs and recovery. Even though the dog owner is liable, many insurance companies attempt to delay, and many times, deny payment for your injuries. This behavior only adds to the distress of having been attacked by a dog.

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